The Keelie is affiliated to no political organisation. We work on a mutual aid basis of sharing knowledge and information aimed at those who will find it most useful.

We have no funding and are self supporting

We will write in plain English that most people can understand with links to further reading on the subject at hand on our website and through on-line links.

We have regular editorial meetings and encourage ideas, stories for inclusion of a grassroots nature and that will help to explain and encourage folk to join the struggle towards a decent life for ordinary people.

We use the community rickshaw and sound system for events, street work and distribution and have a fully functioning video and audio facility, something we are keen to develop.

We are open to collaborations and multi Disciplinary projects that advance place based learning. (Check Bob for this one)

You can contact us on line, on Facebook or in the street most Wednesday. (Check on Facebook for any Wednesday variations) and times plus added events.

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