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So the Conference Of the Parties is over, the Ikea furniture has been cleared away and the legacy left to the citizens of Glasgow and the world will be to clear up and pay for the mess.

So what is on the news? More angles, slants, and the usual story of disillusionment from an ever expanding multiplicity of disconnected elements across the political spectrum left and right. What has happened to common sense? What has happened to the legacy press, journalism and something even near to truth? Where can we turn?

Well the words attributed to Patrick Geddes. “Think Globally Act Locally” are a good place to start. We need to flood our communities with information to counter the plague of lies and jingoism emitting from every pore of corporate journalism and their political lackeys. We invite you to become a “Glasgow Keelie” and help us out in this task.


COP 26 The Ins And Outs

COP means Conference of the Parties. When a bunch of so called experts, backed by some questionable corporations will produce some carbon, hot air, promises before jumping back on their planes to get back to where they came from in order to count up what they have made out of the deal.

What does it mean to us. Well for one thing there will be plenty activists in town and a good opportunity for learning.




Some more whys and hows:

• Urge government to take bold, ambitious climate action now!
• Get politically active.
• Force more ambitious plans to meet needed targets.
• Involve community connections with skin in the game.
• Why should community members get involved? Our children’s future.
• Use energy wisely — and save money too!
• DIY activities: invention, practical skills, tools, sharing.
• Get charged up with renewables.
• Start a climate conversation.
• Consume less, waste less, enjoy life more.
• Mobilize for local climate action.
• Get involved in Science and learning.

Or start a blog, creating content, photographs words, community journalism – starting a community page or personal page on Facebook or developing an idea that could be presented in a community cookbook of ideas