The put down description of a Glasgow Keelie is a bothersome troublemaker. We wear that badge, but are careful to be bothersome and trouble making for the right reasons and towards those targets that create the most misery.

The original editions of the Keelie were first published in the 1990s around the same issues we are even more concerned about today. Many of the contributors from then are still involved in the last twenty five issues of the new Keelie we have produced so far. So there is plenty of scope for inclusion in creating content, website work, video and distribution and a wealth of knowledge and experiences within the group we are happy to share with folk.

The Keelie comes out once a month. We have been and are planning to be on the street each Wednesday and distributing at various events and venues around the city. Pop down say hello, have a chat, tell us about campaigns, groups or what you are thinking. Or use our contact page or Facebook.

The Kellie is as much about connecting with people as it is about its content. Information can be had from many places but much of this information is nuanced, can be bias, complex and overwhelming to different people.

The keelie are a street loving crew. We don’t just give out the paper, we talk to people, try to help them understand the issues. We try to make the contact memorable, enjoyable and within the context of folks interests.

We believe the street is a learning space particularly around talking to and listening to folk who are not being reached. A reinterpretation of the village square.

We are keen to encourage more people to get involved in creating content, distribution, and all else in between. Particularly young people in connecting with past struggles and the historical context of what is happening around us today.